Short review of Montmorency on the Rocks.

I enjoyed this book much more than the previous book in the series, which was simply called Montmorency. This story takes place five years after the previous book, since which Montmorency has given up thieving via the London sewers. Montmorency has become addicted to a Turkish drug, and so his friend Lord George Fox-Selwyn takes him to his brother’s estate in Scotland. There, Montmorency is re-introduced to Doctor Farcett, the man who rescued and operated on him in the first book. Once Montmorency recovers, he and Doctor Farcett travel to Tarimond, a small island off of Scotland, to aid in a birth. (The woman giving birth is also the mother of one of the servants, Morag, in Lord George’s brother’s home.) All of the babies that have been born recently on Tarimond have died. Doctor Farcett (and the others) travels back to London, and begins an investigation into this. Meanwhile, Lord George and Montmorency are investigating some bombings in London that are suspected to have been perpetrated by Fenians. The readers meet Vi (the daughter of Scarper’s old landlady) again, and let me tell you, this made me incredibly happy. She was beautifully developed into a fun character. She helps Montmorency out in the investigation, and the three eventually capture the man responsible for the bombings. I’d rather not give away too much about the ending, but let me say one thing: this is a fabulous book, and in addition to the good writing, it’s also researched very well.

In addition: I was pleased through the first and most of this book that I wasn’t shipping Montmorency with any of the characters. That changed within the last 100 pages or so. You’ll see, too, if you read it.

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